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Your Best Friend, The Phone

Your Best Friend, The Phone

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I often speak about the power of the telephone. It’s one of the best tools I used to build my business and if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, then now, more than ever, it’s a game changer.

Think about it. We’re in the middle of a global crisis that is keeping people from getting together. Hardly anyone is gathering face to face and we are all stuck in our own spaces and may be here for a while. So what can you do? You can call people and connect with them.

One of our JV Hacking Mastermind members asked if there was a big difference between sending an email to ask for something and getting on the phone to ask for the exact same thing--which requires a bit more effort.

Of course there is. You can’t even compare the two. One is barely effective at all and the other is very, very effective. We’re talking about Relationships 101. When you speak to someone, you have a dialogue and you hear their tonality. You can react to it. Take this example. You’re on the phone with a  JV partner and you ask them something like: “Know anyone you could connect me with?” And you rarely hear: “Can’t think of anyone at the moment.” Right?--but in an email, that answer comes into your mind in three seconds. You can’t think of anyone, you click out and you’re done.

On the phone, it’s completely different. You respond naturally: “Hey, let me think about that for a bit. You know what, I’ll get back to you.” Or maybe they say: “Let me put a list together for you.” Or maybe: “You know what--I do know such and such that might be a good fit for you.” There’s just no comparison. It is so much more effective.

What’s funny is that people complain because they send a few emails and no one gets back to them. You can’t hide behind emails if you want to be successful. Somehow, people think it’s rude to call again and follow up or lock down a particular action step. They don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. If you want to be a JV marketer, you need to get over that.

Let me add one more point. Since we’re all stuck in our homes right now, has there ever been a better time to catch people by phone? I don’t think so. The chinese character for crisis is the exact same character as the one for opportunity. I believe that while this coronavirus is terrible for many peoples’ health, it could be great for your business if you take action and look at it a little differently.

You know where everyone is. They’re locked down like the rest of us. You know what their phone numbers are. They’re already in your phone. All you have to do is pick it up and start dialing. At this very moment in time, in terms of your JV business, the phone is your best friend.

Glen Ledwell is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background of experience. Since 2007, Glen has been the co-founder & the CEO of Mind Movies, where he continues to be the driving force behind all the marketing strategies. In the first 3 years of being online, he took the company from $0 - $6 million SOLELY through Joint Ventures. To date, he has generated in excess of $50 million online, in which $25 million of that has been purely from Joint Ventures.

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