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You Have A GREAT Product? So What?

You have a GREAT product? So what?

You have an awesome new product, right? It’s revolutionary, completely innovative, never seen before, over the top and flat out game-changing. You are on your soapbox about to trumpet this to anyone who will listen, with your megaphone in hand.

Hold up. Before you waste your breath, let me clue you in on something, at least when it comes to affiliates and Joint Venture Marketing. Guess what? Nobody cares about your product. Hardly anyone is going to even check it out. Doubtful that a single affiliate will use it. Or test it. Or pay much attention at all to it. It’s just not going to happen.

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, though it’s important to debunk the myth of the “awesome new product”. Affiliates don’t buy into new products. Affiliates don’t have time to spend checking and testing. Affiliates only care about a couple of things: 

First, affiliates want to serve their community with products or services that will help them and build their profile with their list. Second, affiliates care about your ability to get them conversions into sales when they send you traffic.

Nothing else matters. Think about it. There is an underlying assumption that your product does what it promises to do. If it doesn’t you will soon be out of business. Customers will charge back their purchases. The billing company will reclaim its money. Affiliates will get angry, very fast and that will be the end of that. You’re done.

Therefore, affiliates don’t even worry about the product. They don’t have to. It is assumed that the product will work and do what it is supposed to do. With that in mind, affiliates focus on the second thing. Can you get them sales or not? In other words, are your marketing chops good enough to convince prospects to part with their hard-earned money and buy it?

Affiliates buy your  ability to market, your sales funnel, your marketing copy, your follow up sequence--not your expertise in product creation. In other words, affiliates buy into YOU, not your product. When you go to recruit them, this is precisely what you need to focus on.

Talk about the testing you have done, the results you have attained in sales and how much money they stand to make when they promote for you. That’s what they will listen to. That’s what will get them excited. 

Everyone’s time is valuable. The opportunity cost to promote for you is significant. Don’t you think you should prospect for new affiliates using the language that most speaks to them? Affiliates are human, too. They want to know what you are going to do for them. And it has nothing to do with your product.

So you have a great new product? Congratulations--that’s a good thing. Just remember, when speaking to affiliates, focus on what matters most to them!

I’ll have more on this critical topic later. For now, I just wanted to set the record straight.



Glen Ledwell is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background of experience. Since 2007, Glen has been the co-founder & the CEO of Mind Movies, where he continues to be the driving force behind all the marketing strategies. In the first 3 years of being online, he took the company from $0 - $6 million SOLELY through Joint Ventures. To date, he has generated in excess of $50 million online, in which $25 million of that has been purely from Joint Ventures.

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