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The Power of a Story

The Power of a Story

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Maya Angelou

We often hear people talk about the power of a story, especially in marketing. What is that about? Why are stories so powerful?

Let me offer a novel perspective, not the usual answer to these questions. The power of a story has its roots in the biology of the brain.

Great marketers have an intuitive understanding of this concept. Now, let’s take a look at why biology is such a major influence from a scientific perspective.

The two main components of the brain are the neocortex, which most people call the “thinking brain” and the limbic brain, which most people refer to as the “feeling brain.” Decisions are made based on feelings and then justified with logic - always in this sequence. In other words, decisions are made in the limbic or feeling brain and then justified in the neocortex or thinking brain.

Therefore, if we want decisions to be made in our favor, it behooves us to speak to the limbic, decision-making part of the brain. The problem is that the limbic brain doesn’t understand words because it focuses on feelings. Conversely, the neocortex doesn’t understand feelings and focuses on words.

Most marketing copy talks about what someone sells, what the product does, and what its features are - elements that speak to the thinking, non-decision-making part of the brain. It causes a prospective buyer to “think about it” and not necessarily make a decision.

Stories, on the other hand, evoke a feeling in the reader. They tap into the limbic brain. They cause the reader to relate to the storyteller, as the reader imagines themselves in that same or a similar situation and relives the emotional experience. When done successfully, it causes the reader to internally nod their head in agreement.

This induces a “yes” state in the reader. They connect to the story and are moved by it. That “yes” state predisposes them to react positively to an offer and puts them in the right frame of mind to say “yes” to making the purchase. In other words, by telling a story, you are literally “programming” a prospect in a positive way using brain biology.

So how powerful can a story be in your marketing? Powerful enough to put the prospect in the right frame of mind to become a buyer.

If you like sales, I’d say that’s pretty important.

Ridgely Goldsborough is the co-founder of JV Hacking, the revolutionary program and software that teaches affiliates how to make a fortune doing Joint Venture Marketing. Find out more at www.JVHacking.com.

Ridgely Goldsborough started his first business at age 16 - and has since founded 43 companies and written 16 business books. His prolific profile has earned him millions of dollars and a vast network of JV partners - which he taps into often to execute some of the digital marketing industry's biggest JV launches. And while he often speaks at high-end masterminds and events around the world, JV Hacking marks the first time he's sharing his proven JV strategies in public.

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