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Crown Your Relationships With Meaning

Crown Your Relationships With Meaning

“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.”
Robin S. Sharma

A recent study of a group of people over the age of 100 queried the participants as to what they might do differently if they had their lives to live over again. Amidst several answers, three emerged as common to most, and certainly unveil a universal perspective:

Number one: I would risk more.

Number two: I would reflect more.

Number three: I would build relationships that last a lifetime.

As so often the case with the “laws of threes,” each of these interconnects, even depend upon each other--risk, reflect, build.

If we never take any chances, we never rise above average.

If we don’t stop to ponder the outcome of our efforts and study how we might improve our performance, we can’t possibly learn the lessons necessary to gain better results.

What about relationships?

To attain any level of intimacy, we have to reveal ourselves, let our loved ones experience both the good and the more unique aspects of our persona, show our vulnerabilities, our fears, our weaknesses, go through the painful process of bonding through overcoming adversities, allow ourselves to fail so that those who care about us can help us get up, feel empathy and connect on a healing level.

This applies to business as well as life itself. When someone shares a failure as well as their successes, it makes them more human. You can empathize more with them. It builds a deeper connection.

These seasoned reflections tie directly into the natural law of bounty.

First we must seed (originate a crop, risk failure.)

Then we fertilize (nurture, constantly watch and evaluate our progress).

Finally, we harvest through our relationships. We yield the fruit of our risked labor, enjoy the plenty that stems from our continued observation and consequent care with others.

If we challenge this process repeatedly, we accumulate the wisdom that enables us to form and mold healthy relationships in our enterprise, something that will withstand harsh tests and mature into lasting greatness. Relationships form the cornerstone.

Here’s the point that many marketers miss. Relationships equal sustainability. Relationships guarantee the long-term stability of your business. Relationships ensure that you can withstand the ups and downs that inevitably affect most businesses.

Instead of spending so much time in the office, maybe it would be more beneficial to get out and work on relationships.

Ridgely Goldsborough started his first business at age 16 - and has since founded 43 companies and written 16 business books. His prolific profile has earned him millions of dollars and a vast network of JV partners - which he taps into often to execute some of the digital marketing industry's biggest JV launches. And while he often speaks at high-end masterminds and events around the world, JV Hacking marks the first time he's sharing his proven JV strategies in public.

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