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The Launch Series (#3) Crush Your Pre-Launch

Crush Your Pre-Launch

As you approach your affiliate launch, outreach and follow up will be CRUCIAL. You’ll need to communicate with all of your affiliates across the board. Your job will be to sell your launch and get them excited! Read on to find out how we motivate our JV partners.

The Launch Series (#2) The Power of Confirmation

Power of Confirmation

One of the key pieces to having a successful launch, is the JV partners who confirm their support for you! Reach out, and continue to follow to get affiliate leads locked in. Read on for our strategic method to get those confirmations!

You Can’t Just Call Somebody--Or Can You?

You Can’t Just Call Somebody--Or Can You?

Here's a question - if you need to tell someone something important, do you shoot off a text? Draft an email? Or do you call them? Likely you answered with the latter. If this is the case with personal relationships, why don't we treat profession relationships the same? Why is it that we hide behind emails, instant messages, and texts instead of cutting to the chase over a casual phone call? If this sounds like you, here's a little tip that made me millions of dollars (and can do that for you, too).